Getting Cloud ready aka 7 basic steps for local WA businesses

In one of our previous posts we promised to bring you the written version of advise and insights into the Digital future presented by our managing director Paul Faix at the EMRC Digital showcase event we attended a while ago.

What can local WA business do to get Google Cloud ready?

1. Internet Connection - while NBN is still under construction it is important to choose business location with good ADSL connection. There are many areas in Perth that a good connection is simply not available. If possible secure 2 ADSL lines.
2. Review your work process and identify the gaps in your process that could be closed by using online technology. (interacting with co workers, collaboration, communication)
3. Start using cloud software - manage website, crm systems and other small business tools to get familiar with cloud solutions
4. Move your IT to the cloud (email, calendar) - replace your inhouse exchange running on your servers with cloud alternative. Depending on the size of your business this step alone will save you '000 of $. Consider Google Apps for Business - $50 per user per year for 25GB size inbox.
5. Allow your co workers to introduce small apps to create efficiency - encourage innovation.
6. Invest into training - learn different way of using cloud based products in your business.
7. Make sure your online marketing (website) is smart device ready by moving to responsive design.

What the future will likely look like?
  • Online advertising will outgrow TV 4:1 & Print 7:1
  • Facebook Advertising Takes Off
  • Mobile Smart-Phones Become a Serious Marketing Platform
  • Mobile ad spend worldwide $20.6 billion in 2015
  • M-payments could be worth over US$1 trillion by 2015
  • Between 500 million and 1 billion people will access financial services by mobile by 2015
  • Tablets and Mobiles Will Begin to Influence Web Design
  • Responsive Design Will Go Mainstream
  • IE6 and IE7 Will Finally Die
  • New Job "Content Manager" position will arise

Some more Cloud stats:
  • Cloud Management Solutions and Strategies Will Take Center Stage
  • Cloud Analytics Will Become Pivotal to Optimize the Value of Cloud Solutions
  • Only Cloud Solutions With Solid Mobile Interfaces and Social Networking Capabilities Will Win Long-Term
  • New  Cloud Services Aimed at ‘Prosumers’ Will Displace Existing Enterprise Systems and Business Processes
  • Cloud to Generate 14 Million Jobs by 2015

Is the National Broadband coming to your area?

National Broadband Network released a detailed interactive map to see announced rollout locations across Australia and find out the latest details about when the NBN is coming to your area.

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Testimonial from the Economic Development Officers Group

“Paul is an excellent orator who gives real insight into the cloud and what it can do for businesses. His entertaining delivery coupled with his in depth knowledge makes for a quality presentation.”

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