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Howards Storage World is a retail franchise operation that specialises in space saving and organisational products for the home and office. In a world where living space is at a premium, becoming more organised is a growing need for people who lead busy lives.

Franchisees from all walks of life operate the stores. Ideally, they enjoy relating to people. After completing the training programme, they are equipped with the knowledge to offer their customers advice on all their home storage needs.

Howards Storage World product categories include kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, office, living room, garage, kids and cellar.

  • The online solution delivered more than 13,500 orders in just over 2 years. Sales grew three fold after the implementation of the business automated platform. The simple and easy to use checkout and payment process attracted new customers. Making purchases from home was never easier. Behind the scenes extensive product management tools gave Howards the power to manage their store effortlessly.

  • Since the launch Howards have almost doubled the range of products available to its customers. The number of products is now in excess of 2700! The simple content management system allowed the team to change the visual look of the shop by simply uploading new files. Using geo-location via Sensis saved a lot of time by automatically assigning the purchases to the nearest outlet. Automatic freight management is cutting down the time needed for shipping processes by considering location, zone, volumetric dimensions, and size.

  • The existing online website had proven ineffective. A dynamic and powerful solution was needed that would deliver extensive product management, provide geo-location of purchases allocated to the closest store, and handle TNT and online payments.

  • Howards wanted to clean up and purify the workflow, the interface, and simplify the checkout process. The Fortix team was able to implement an integrated system really quickly so that the HSW team was able to promote their new line of products with the new online solution.

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