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Moore Stephens is an audit, accounting, tax and advisory firm that provides astute advice and practical solutions, which consistently deliver solid results. The firm acts for businesses, not for profit organisations and local government. They offer a wide array of services and have specialist knowledge in certain industries and sectors.

The firm has been a trusted partner to organisations for nearly four decades, providing advice customised to meet the needs of their clients. The firm’s success is derived from their ability to understand the challenges, that their clients face and provide intelligent solutions. They combine genuine client engagement with astute advice.

  • Process Review

    Prior to any development work, the essence was to understand the difficulties experienced by all levels of staff through their business processes and tools used on a regular basis. Fortix performed a review of the main processes and discovered inconsistencies which could be easily solved via a digital transformation and the adoption of business rules. This was completed successfully along with the presentation of the vision of what Moore Stephens could be after its digital adoption in the work environment.

  • CRM Customisation

    At the heart of every business is its clients, and knowing your clients is always the key to success. This was already intrinsically occurring within the business, however, it needed to be digitised and the information shared across all the partners of the business. The outcome was the deployment of the CRM component with further configuration to meet the needs of all aspects of the business.

  • Parallel Transformation

    As an operating business with over fifty staff members, ensuring that their transformation journey did not affect daily business has always been at the forefront of Fortix’s concerns. Whilst working closely with Moore Stephens, Fortix deals with synchronisation between industry software and the new system, alongside assisting Moore Stephens with the creation and adoption of business rules.

We needed a broader reaching business platform with flexibility. We wanted to have the ability to choose the tools we wanted to use with clients. The main key for us was to bring everything back to being a client-focused model. We knew that we needed CRM capabilities and we wanted a system that would provide this and then expand out from that. We didn’t want our CRM as a separate tool; we wanted it integrated with our operations. The way I see it, our business tools should be designed for ease of use for our clients, rather than having tools that require the clients to make the adjustments.

We found the guys at Fortix to be very approachable. Paul is very plausible in the way he works; he gives a lot. He’s a good listener and I always felt comfortable. The entire process of using a business platform was made very clear, step-by-step, and we never felt any pressure. Fortix allowed us to take the time we needed to digest all the information and make a well-informed decision.

Our full automation process has not been rolled out yet, but already there have been many benefits during the preparation. Through this process we are continually introducing new ideas and recognising the ways that we need to do things differently. We see that we need to make sure we are not just looking at things ‘from the top’, but building disciplines into the business that revolve around ease of use for clients. This is about winning the hearts of people and enabling them to interface for the best results.

The deeper you get in (with the automation process), the more you see the capabilities and the possible benefits. I have enjoyed the interactions with Fortix. They have an intelligent, considerate leader and they also have a great product.

Michael Bennett

  • Multiple Software and Tools

    As a leader in the market, Moore Stephens Haines Norton provides a wide range of services to its clients. To achieve this, they implemented a large number of disconnected software and tools at both corporate and individual levels. The immediate impact of this was the detachment of information and data flow from one business process to the other, resulting in poor reporting for management.

  • Industry Practice Software

    At present, a large number of accounting firms utilise industry practice software to deliver the data required for their reports and invoicing. There are currently very few software options that deliver the same functions, making Moore Stephens reliant on the vendor. In addition to this, configuration and use of the existing industry practice software has led to inefficient business practices.

  • Competitive Edge

    Moore Stephens understands its client market and the transformation that it is undergoing at present. With their potential market being younger, more technologically-savvy professionals who are are ready for cloud-based services, Moore Stephens' aim is to move away from traditional accounting service delivery and offer value through various digital offerings.

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