Affordable mulch, nationwide

MulchNet connects local contractors that have excess products to local clients. Participating businesses save fuel and expensive downtime and the clients receive free loads of high quality, water wise, locally produced mulch.

  • Business Automation

    The idea of using one automated business system for all contractors, customers and advertisers, has been the answer to Tim Lawrence’s dream of creating a sustainable organisation that improves the environment and provides a scalable and profitable service delivery to all stakeholders.

  • Cloud Based End to End Business Solution

    The cloud based business management system is managing all quotes, customer orders and requirements, contractor exclusive areas, allocation of drop points and memberships, reducing administration and automating business management.

  • B2B2C - Business to Business to Customer - All in One Solution

    Consumers and contractors enter information directly into the system, reducing Mulchnet’s data entry and administration work by about 90% and increasing accuracy by 95%. This system also eliminated duplicity.

  • Automated Billing

    The automated billing and invoicing connected to the work orders rapidly improved the cash flow. The single cloud based solution delivered flexibility and freedom for Tim to run his business from his laptop anywhere in the world.

The First time I met with Fortix I was managing all of my emails manually – around 600 emails a week! This took up hours and hours of my time and was definitely my biggest business problem. I sat down with Paul and within 15 minutes of discussing my situation, he was able to explain several ways that I could make my business run more efficiently.

The guys at Fortix gave me a system that handles all of the manual tasks that were taking up so much of my time. I couldn’t do what I’m able to do now without this great system. I’ve always found the services easy to use and fully automated.

Implementing a Fortix business system has allowed huge expansion. Our business has a national presence as a result - I’m operating in almost every state now. The system also gives excellent analytics about the internal workings of the business – for example, I can easily check the effectiveness of our advertising.

It is a fantastic, robust system that can always be stretched into new areas and I can also make my own additions. Fortix has freed up my time - now I’ve been able to follow up other business opportunities I could never have considered before. The system has simplified everything I do.

One of the great things about the Fortix team is their ongoing support. If there is ever an issue or something that needs updating, they are very accommodating and get straight onto it. I have been very impressed with Fortix’s knowledge of business systems; they certainly know what they're doing when it comes to helping businesses run more efficiently.

Tim Lawrence

  • Volume of Transactions

    The growing business was suffering from the number of transactions. Tim created a disruptive service and experienced high demand from customers as well as contractors. The spike in demand stretched the available sales and admin resources to their limits, slowing down business expansion.

  • Manual Processing

    Whilst the business proposition was understood and accepted by the market, many sections of the service delivery were manual. Manual processing of enquiries was creating large people demand. The business process wasn’t automated and needed replacement of manual delivery of consistent tasks with automated routines.

  • Disconnected Business Process

    This last challenge emerged as a result of a lack of integrated systems. As a consequence the business was suffering from many “workarounds” where business critical information was duplicated and not easily accessible. Information “silos” hindered the flow of information and as a result lowered the effective number of customers successfully serviced per day.

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