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Signarama, the world’s largest sign franchise, is part of a successful system of business-to-business franchises under United Franchise Group. Their award-winning network of sign centres is approaching 1000 locations in 50 countries. For more than 20 years they have been serving communities with quality products and customer service.

Signarama’s commitment to quality is unmatched in the industry. They know the importance of brand awareness and the affect it has on the bottom line. Signage plays an integral part in the recognition of a brand and therefore quality is imperative.

Each and every Signarama sign centre offers full-service signage options that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Whether one sign or hundreds, temporary banners or permanent monument signs, they are committed to providing an exceptional experience for every customer each and every time.

  • Rapid Growth

    Using a single manufacturing facility in one location connected via an automated business system for both stores paid off. In less than 12 months, Sign-A-Rama achieved business growth of 40%! Craig declared that the investment in Business Automation had already paid for itself.

  • Service to clients

    A cloud based business management system is now managing all estimates and sales leads as well as client contacts in one location, enabling sales people to quote from the client’s location.
    Preloaded resources and product templates in the system have cut down the time needed to prepare quotes by around 30% and have also increased quoting consistency across the sales team to 95%.

  • Effective processes

    The system is also handling invoicing and automatically chases up unpaid accounts on a weekly basis, greatly increasing the potential for effective cash flow. Updates are also sent to clients when a job is completed. With this single integrated solution there is now no need to have separate systems.

I already had a general idea of what ‘systemisation’ meant, and I knew our business had a serious lack of it. We were tied to a server-based system, so we weren’t mobile, and we found this to be very restrictive. We also had a real need to strengthen communication lines between staff and departments. We were growing and needed to formalize our procedures in an electronic way. We really needed to get everything operating through one system; we had 2 satellite offices (Joondalup/Morley) that were still largely independent operationally.

Fortix already had experience in the manufacturing industry and had a good understanding of our operations. They could really appreciate our position and were able to stimulate many ideas about how we could improve our processes.

The system Fortix implemented stopped the need for additional staff. We also had huge paper requirements before. There have been huge organisational benefits – we have thousands of stores around the world which can now operate off of a low staffing base, which means that we’re now punching above our weight in our industry.

Gaining mobility has been another huge advantage – now I can work from home when necessary and still know exactly what’s going on in different facets of our operations.

The return on our investment has been huge. Systemising is the best thing I’ve done for the business. Paul’s experience was integral; his knowledge and understanding is excellent not only on the software side of things, but also in regards to people skills and the practical side of things.

Craig Mason

  • Expansion and unification

    Sign-A-Rama wanted to expand business operations to a second location. Craig knew that if they were to achieve this, there was a need to unify company resources via one online system in order to deliver services more efficiently and eliminate communication gaps.

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